Beverage Platform

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  • User Research
  • UX/UI Design

We embarked on an exciting journey to remodel Interdrinks' versatile platform, designed to serve both logistics and office teams. Our goal: to make it exceptionally user-friendly and adaptable, catering to any device or context.

Interdrinks, a dynamic online beer retailer, previously relied on a patchwork of in-house tools to handle inventory, order preparation, customer service, procurement, and financial tracking, among other things. But the user experience left much to be desired, burdened by outdated front-end technologies.

In just a few short weeks, armed with a thoughtfully reimagined UI kit and a fresh, custom identity, I teamed up directly with the end-users. Through interviews and rigorous testing, we breathed new life into the platform, resulting in a comprehensive redesign. The outcome? A centralized, responsive platform that's not only a breeze for newcomers but also a joy for seasoned users. It seamlessly adapts to every environment, whether it's the buzzing energy of a warehouse or the cozy confines of an office.

Ready to dive into the transformation? Simply request the Figma example files to witness the power of user-driven design in action..

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Screen of the interface to manage a customer order
Screen of the interface to find a customer
Mobile screen of the interface for warehouse workers
Logo for Beverage Platform